Authme Crack Torrent (Activation Code) Free Download (Latest)

Authme Crack Torrent (Activation Code) Free Download (Latest)

Even though usernames and passwords remain the most common form of authentication, history has proved more than enough times that this pattern is not a healthy one.
This is where Two-Factor Authentication (also commonly referred to as 2FA, or Two-Step verification) comes into play. 2FA is a security-related process that users provide two methods of identification before accessing their accounts: first the username and password, and then a 2FA code (which is temporary).
What's more, unlike a simple password and username, a 2FA code changes each time a user attempts a login procedure, drastically improving security.
Meet Authme, a simple 2FA client app
If you're currently in the midst of creating a 2FA system, then you might want to check out Authme, a straightforward two-factor authentication desktop app built with Electron, JavaScript, Python, and Node.Js.
Even though it might sound a bit intimidating, the app is so well-designed and simple that even non-technical users can make full use of its features.
How to use Authme
You can choose between an installer and a portable version, whichever suits your needs best. Once launched, the app prompts you to add a password used for encrypting your soon-to-be-created 2FA codes.
Next, you'll have to choose an export file for the generated 2FA codes. If you don't have a file, you can load one by accessing the top menu, selecting Advanced, and the Import option.
Once the file has been created/loaded, you are provided with a series of 2FA codes. There's even a dedicated button for each individual code so you can copy it to the clipboard. The app also displays the expiration time for each and every code. Opt for saving this specific configuration if you plan on using it later on.
Taking everything into account, Authme is a simple app that does its job right. It allows just about anyone to effortlessly create his or her own 2FA codes with no more than a few mouse clicks.

Download =====

Download =====

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Creates, generates, and saves 2FA codes.
Includes a password that is used to encrypt the 2FA codes.
Generates codes based on a time interval for improved security.
Supports Google Authenticator and TOTP codes.
Uses robust cryptography.
Can import/export codes.
Can set timeouts for each code.
Automatically closes window when you close your browser.
Supports Bluetooth device like YubiKey and YubiKey Neo.
Supports QR codes.
Supports multiple 2FA applications with single app.
Supports many languages like English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, and Russian.
Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Supports Electron Framework.
Supports both Python 2.x and Python 3.x.
Supports Node.js, so also supports web app.
Supports the native platform’s app store.
Supports Google and Dropbox accounts.
Supports Contacts, Events, Notes, Voice messages, and other apps.
Supports Web, Git, and Remote shell.
Supports and loads credentials in the application.
Supports Saved API keys.
Supports and loads OAuth credentials.
Supports and loads Enterprise API keys.
Supports and loads Web API keys.
Supports and loads Google Sheets, HBase, BigQuery, Google Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, Cloud Datastore, Cloud SQL, App Engine, App Engine Flexible, and App Engine standard services.
Supports custom APIs in-built.
Supports custom files and folders as config.
Supports and loads public/private keys.
Supports SSH private key without password.
Supports test keys.
Supports YubiKey Nano for hardware tokens.
Supports YubiKey Neo for hardware tokens.
Supports YubiKey and YubiKey Neo.
Supports NFC/RFID.
Supports QR code.
Supports OTP.
Supports PGP.
Supports SSL, TLS, and SSH for secure connections.
Supports SSH keys.
Supports TOTP and Google Authenticator.
Supports HTTPS for secure connections.
Supports Dummy login info.
Supports Save API key.
Supports Save API key 2.
Supports Password Generator.
Supports refresh tokens and refresh tokens 2.
Supports Refresh tokens, refresh tokens 2, and password changes.

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Remote access to Exchange server accounts is made possible by Keymacro. Webmail users are less comfortable because they have to enter a username and password every time they want to open a mailbox. If the mailbox is a shared mailbox, the entire network has to be accessed. You can use Keymacro to make your own desktop-based access to your mailboxes as a result of any user of the software having an access to a computer or mobile device. Keymacro generates an access code in the browser which is synchronized to the software. Users can view the access codes in the menu or download them for their use. Access codes are also generated on the server. The client software interacts with a Keymacro server via API. The web interface is accessible via http/s.
Why you should use it:
Keymacro has a feature called «Portal», which will let you manage all your online identities. For example, you can have multiple email addresses, logins to other websites, and more. So if you want to continue using the same password for multiple websites, or you want to give your family access to your account without exposing your private information, Keymacro is what you need.
Keymacro is the web interface that lets you manage all your online identities. Users can see their password and change it. Users can view their existing logins and see what logins they already have. Users can add new logins and remove logins that they don’t want anymore. You can delete your account as well.
Keymacro is very secure. It uses RSA 2048, a widely used encryption algorithm. RSA 2048 is designed to be impossible to brute-force, which is why it’s recommended. Keymacro supports HTTPS, which means your login information is safe from a man-in-the-middle attack.
Keymacro supports both username and password logins. With Keymacro you can connect to the same account on different devices (e.g. desktop, mobile, etc.)
KEYMACRO Benefits:
Keymacro is secure. It uses RSA 2048, a widely used encryption algorithm.
Portal feature allows you to manage multiple online identities.
Users can see passwords and change them.
Portal allows you to create multiple logins for a single account.
FREE version offers all of the above, plus has a larger number of login/logout actions (5 logins/logouts per action).
Professional version: $19.99

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Authme 2FA Solution – Authme is an easy-to-use 2FA (two-factor authentication) solution, allowing you to create and save your own 2FA codes. Using it is as easy as connecting to a Google or Facebook account, just enter the code generated by Authme to confirm your login attempt.
Authme GitHub (
Managed 2FA (by Authme) (
Main Features:
– 2FA: 2-factor authentication (2FA) is a process where a user provides two methods of identification before accessing an account: username and password (called «something you know») and a 2FA code (called «something you have»)
– Advanced

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