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Alt-Space: Start/Stop playing
Alt-Tab: Toggle player on / off
Ctrl-Tab: Toggle fullscreen on / off
Ctrl-Up/Down: Change volume up or down
Alt-Home: Go to playlist with last viewed song
Ctrl-I: Insert a custom URL
Ctrl-A: Play track at beginning of playlist
Ctrl-E: Play track at end of playlist
Ctrl-Space: Loop playback
Alt-Enter: Select bookmark
Alt-R: Rewind 10 seconds
Ctrl-R: Fast forward 10 seconds
Alt-Space: Play selected bookmark
Alt-Delete: Delete bookmark
Ctrl-W: Save bookmark

This software is freeware, non-commercial software. It was checked for viruses and registered as virus-free on 2015-11-23 and we cannot vouch for its current state. You can report any virus or security related problems using the VirusTotal anti-virus scanner.

If you want to report problems with this software, please contact me.

To run a malware scan on XMicroplayer, run it and click on the Run malware scan button on the General tab of the Main Window. The results will be presented in the Scanner tab.

Any questions or bug reports regarding XMicroplayer should be posted to the XMicroplayer Support forum. Do not contact the author directly regarding XMicroplayer unless the problem has been verified to be related to this software.

XMicroplayer is a PC based software and works well with hardware devices that are equipped with a USB connection, such as a keyboard or a mouse. If you are planning on using XMicroplayer with a device that does not have a USB connection, such as a cellphone or a tablet, then you should use the Audio Player instead.

XMicroplayer is based on the open source Media Player framework (MPF).

More information about the MPF can be found here:

XMicroplayer is not affiliated with any open source project, open source program or open source software. XMicroplayer is a media player framework that has been developed for users to use in their own programs. It is provided as is, and may be used freely for any purpose, but not modified or distributed.

Download our latest version:

Latest version – 2020.5

Released – 2020.5.2

XMicroplayer is a simple, easy to 70238732e0

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A lot of actions in the web application with macro support.
Keyboard Shortcuts:
Menu Shortcuts:
1. Home – Show the Home page
2. Back – Go back to the previous page
3. Forward – Go to the next page
4. Stop – Stop recording and remove the macro from the list
5. Clear All – Clear all macros from the list
6. Select All – Select all of the macros
7. Copy – Copy a macro
8. Select Next – Play the next macro in the list
9. Select Previous – Play the previous macro in the list
10. Stop Macro – Stop recording the macro
11. Edit – Edit the current macro
12. Preferences – Changes the keyboard shortcuts for the macro recorder
13. Help – View the help about keyboard shortcuts
Macro Recorder
Recording and editing the macros using the keyboard.
Add New – Add the macro you’ve recorded to the list
Clear List – Clear the list of macros
Undo – Undo the last recorded macro
Record Macro – Record the current macro
Play Macro – Play the currently selected macro
Add to Favorites – Add the selected macro to the list of favorites
Edit – Edit the current macro
Hide – Hide the selected macro
Delete – Delete the selected macro
Preferences – Show the preferences
Save – Save the current settings
Clear – Clear the settings
Help – Show the help page
Keymacro Keyword:
Keyboard Macro:
Keyboard Macro Settings:
Keyboard Macros:
Keyboard Macros Settings:
Keyboard Shortcuts:
Keyboard Shortcuts:
Select all – Select all the keywords and edit them with the options that you chose.
Deselect all – Deselect all the keywords and edit them with the options that you chose.
Delete – Delete the selected keywords and all the keywords below it.
Add to Favorites – Add the selected keywords to the list of favorites.
Add to Dashboard – Add the selected keywords to the list of dashboard keywords.
Play next – Play the next keyword in the list.
Play previous – Play the previous keyword in the list.
Select next – Select the next keyword in the list.
Select previous – Select the previous keyword in the list.
Stop – Stop recording the macro.
Stop Macro – Stop recording the macro.
Edit – Edit the current keyword.
Edit Macro – Edit the current macro.