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If you need to backup your important files, BackBlaze is a reliable and user-friendly tool that helps you to keep your data safe in the cloud. The program can help you backup the files manually, periodically, or automatically according to your desired schedule.
BackBlaze provides a powerful set of options to quickly choose the needed backup settings. These include selecting the type of files to be backed up, their location on your computer, and when to perform the backup. The program also makes it easy to select a remote backup server as well as recovery options.
BackBlaze is able to backup all types of files including Windows, Internet, photos, videos and documents. The automatic backups are easy to perform even for non-technical users. In addition, BackBlaze can be used both locally and remotely. Backups can be performed at intervals or on a schedule.
BackBlaze provides an easy and secure way to backup your files in the cloud. The program is incredibly easy to use and does not require any technical skills or knowledge. It is a reliable tool which will meet all your backup needs.

Use BackBlaze to backup your files from any computer and recover your data from any location. The tool can be easily accessed by anyone using a web browser and allows you to securely backup data from any computer without any special devices.
Automate the data backup task for safety reasons
BackBlaze can automate the data backup task for you so that you can be sure that you never lose any files. The backup is easy to perform using a simple interface that is accessible in any web browser. The program allows you to select the backup options and view the history of your backups.
Backup and restore data from any computer
BackBlaze can also be used from a remote computer and perform a backup from any computer. Simply upload the backup files on your BackBlaze online account from any location.
The backup files are stored securely in the cloud. The program makes sure that your backups are protected with the powerful AES and SSL encryption algorithms.
BackBlaze Description:
BackBlaze is a user-friendly program for backup and recovery of files stored online in the cloud. The tool can help you to perform a safe and secure backup of your data and can easily retrieve it from any location.
The program allows you to backup files stored on your computer and remote folders. You can also choose the backup location, file type, frequency and other settings of the data.
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The Edimax Firmware Upgrade Tool is a powerful utility for updating the firmware of your Edimax SP-2101W.

How To Install Edimax SP-2101W Firmware Upgrade Tool

WARNING: The USB software bundled with your SP-2101W is not designed for firmware upgrades and is not supported by TechToolPro. It might be a security risk to your device, as it does not have the ability to verify or restrict the actions of programs installed on your computer.
Unpack the archive and run the executable
Edimax Firmware Upgrade Tool’s archived file is a self-extracting archive and, therefore, does not require any special installation. Simply unpack the archive and run the program by double-clicking on its executable file. The executable file is named Edimax Firmware Upgrade Tool.
Change the update settings
To modify the update settings of Edimax SP-2101W Firmware Upgrade Tool, open the application’s main window and navigate to the Update tab. The options available include:

Selecting the checkbox labelled Auto Update defaults to «Always Update» and enables you to automatically update your device’s firmware.
Checking the box labelled Manual Update will force you to manually update the firmware of your Edimax SP-2101W device.
A default key combination can also be assigned to this option.

Edimax Firmware Upgrade Tool Features:

This utility provides detailed information about your Edimax SP-2101W device, including:

MAC address
IP address
firmware version

In addition, this utility can also automatically update your Edimax SP-2101W device’s firmware. You can either check the box labelled «Always Update» or set a default key combination to automatically trigger a firmware upgrade.
Furthermore, you can also manually trigger a firmware upgrade of your Edimax SP-2101W device from the application. This can be done by selecting the «Manual Update» option from the «Update» tab and then checking the box labelled «Do not auto-update.»
With the default settings, Edimax Firmware Upgrade Tool will attempt to update the firmware version on the first try, but not all devices support automatic firmware upgrades. You can manually trigger a firmware update by checking the box labelled «Manual update.»

There are several different ways to install the application’s binary: