One Piece Season 17 Part 2 [EnG SuB] 720p [Ep 656-700] L@mBerT

One Piece Season 17 Part 2 [EnG SuB] 720p [Ep 656-700] L@mBerT

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How to delete a node from a linked list without traversing it?

I’ve been taught in school that, given a pointer to the start of a linked list, it’s impossible to delete a node without traversing the list, but how is this possible? This is my understanding of the concept:
Assuming the pointer to start is «p», delete is being called on the node where p points to. The node has a pointer to the next node, which has a pointer to the next node and so on. The first node can only be accessed through the node p points to. By calling delete on a node where p points to, delete will need to deallocate memory owned by a node in the list that isn’t p. But if the node to be deleted has no other references, there won’t be any other node in the list, as this is a linked list, that has a reference to the node to be deleted.
I was able to find out that it’s possible to delete a node while traversing the list by using a pointer to the start of the list. In C++, this can be done using the following code:
while(p!= NULL)
p = p->next;

But how is this possible? eea19f52d2

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