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MEF Utility Runner is a very small open source utility for Windows. It was written with small custom tools in mind. It exposes a number of APIs that let you easily create and run small utilities. You can write a small utility using the MEF Utility Runner and then just load it as a plugin from your application. When you close your application, the utility is automatically unloaded.
MEF Utility Runner Features:
Create, run, and close a single utility
Integrates with Visual Studio
Plugin framework that can host multiple utilities
Saves the last position of a window
Very small, open source, redistributable framework

What if I told you that Windows 7 is actually on it’s way out, and that its EOL Date is approaching soon? That there is a Windows 8 Preview out now, that Microsoft is preparing to announce a new flagship operating system at the end of this month, and you should be prepared for the Windows 7 to Windows 8 shift by creating your apps for Windows 8, even if the OS is not released for another year?
In this video, I share with you the top 5 Windows 8 apps I think will dominate in the App Store. I went through the list, talked about the details and the pros & cons of each app, and I also suggest my favorite ones to get you started on developing for the new OS. Hope you enjoy this video.

Mixed reality (MR) will open up a new frontier in the way we work and interact with the outside world. Mixed reality is already changing our lives in our homes and at work. But this trend is coming. It will keep coming. With the rise of the technology around us, mixed reality will enable us to create “living experiences”.
There is no doubt that MR has a big future. But while we focus on the future, we should not lose sight of the fact that MR is now. There are many question that MR is facing now.
What do you think? What do you think of MR? How do you use MR? What are the advantages and disadvantages of MR?
Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
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This is the first PDF Editor based on Mac OS X Keymacro technology. Users can create, edit, save and manage PDF files easily. PDF Studio Pro can create a PDF from multiple files. It supports OCR to recognize text in the PDF file. Users can add their signature to the PDF file with this PDF editor.
Keymacro is a PDF file creation, editing, management and secure PDF editing software for Mac OS X. The Keymacro technology is based on a user interface based on gestures. It is a visual tool, which allows you to draw on the screen of your Mac computer to create PDF documents.
Keymacro supports to add signatures and watermark to your PDF file. The user interface is fully customizable. It is simple, clear and easy to use.
Keymacro Features:
Create PDF files from any number of file
The Keymacro software allows you to create PDF files from any number of files that you select. You can choose to create a single document or a document split into multiple pages.
Import files from Mac Photos
To import files from Mac Photos, you can choose to include only certain photos or even select a specific folder. You can then rename your photos as well as change their sizes.
Import files from file explorer
The Keymacro software allows you to import files from file explorer. There is no need to make duplicate copies of your files. It will make sure you have a backup of your files.
Convert single PDF to multiple PDF
The Keymacro software will allow you to convert single PDF files to multiple PDF files by splitting the PDF. It will create the new PDF files and re-order the pages in your PDF file.
Import images from file explorer
The Keymacro software will allow you to import images from Mac file explorer. There is no need to make duplicate copies of your images. It will make sure you have a backup of your images.
Markup annotations in PDF files
With the Keymacro software, you can markup your PDF files with annotations. You can choose to markup in color or black and white. You can also choose the type of annotation such as signature, text, checkbox, textbox, image, checkbox, and text.
Signature and Watermark PDF
With the Keymacro software, you can add your signature and watermark to your PDF files. You can choose to include signatures in the top left of your PDF file or insert it after the last page. You can also