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Allows quick access to all of your networked files. You can store anything in your SnapShot archive, but SnapTalk lets you search for specific files even without a full text search. Search SnapTalk for «AppleScript» to see how powerful SnapTalk can be.

SnapAlliance is a Web-based project management software application used to manage projects, tasks and activities for companies. SnapAlliance is very easy to use and many features are found in the most popular products.
SnapAlliance is built on top of a MySQL database and runs on a PHP/Zend server, supported by a clean HTML design.
The main module of SnapAlliance provides the user with detailed project information and all possible tools. A short introduction to SnapAlliance is available on the first page.
Full description, features and screenshots:
The role of a project manager in today’s business is vital. SnapAlliance is a Web-based application developed as a project management application that simplifies project management.
One of its main features is to provide a user-friendly interface for users from outside the company. They can enter projects and add tasks. A project manager has full control over his own projects, because SnapAlliance displays all project information in the users’ private workspace, not in the global workspace.
In addition, SnapAlliance provides a professional Web interface and an easy-to-use administration interface. The administration interface allows the creation of user-defined workflows. SnapAlliance is directly linked to a third party service (Desk.com) that allows access to a project via the Web.
Projects and tasks
SnapAlliance provides different views of a project. A standard view provides information for projects with different levels of detail, e.g. the current status, the remaining tasks, project milestones, … A more detailed view allows the project manager to perform a specific task, for example to assign a resource to a task.
SnapAlliance provides different views for tasks as well. The standard view presents a list of tasks and a summary of the status for the selected task. The detailed view provides all information about a task.
Tasks have a time frame associated with them, e.g. a task with a start date has a specific duration. An initial estimate of the time needed to complete a task is the sum of the estimated time and the time that is already spent on the task. A task’s status can be assigned to one of four categories: «Open», «Closed», » 384a16bd22

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This tweak can help you to change the boot screen logo and main menu background of iOS 8-8.4.1-9.2 devices.

It offers you to set the complete boot logo or the main menu background as you desire, in combination with the default image you want to use.
When installing the tweak, you can choose between 5 different wallpapers. The included set is composed of the following:
– Default
– Retro Black
– Retro White
– Retro Cyan
– Retro Green

The tweak is almost undetectable, as it adds an icon to the Settings>Sections menu, while all the other options remain exactly the same.

You can choose between the default screen and the Apple logo when booting your device.
The default screen is the default background image, as the images of the Apple logo are attached to their default state.
You can switch to the new Apple logo image, but it will be applied for all the variants.
Use the icon on the left to switch to the default screen, while the right button will change the logo.

KEYMACRO Description:
This tweak allows you to set a custom battery icon.

All you need to do is to follow these steps:
– On your iPhone go to Settings>General>Battery
– On the Battery view, tap on Custom Battery Icons
– Then choose the image you want to use and give it a name

In addition, this tweak allows you to set the default background image for the Lock Screen and Home Screen, while also adding a countdown timer. You can also switch between the default and selected one on the Lock Screen.

As the tweak does not require jailbreak, there’s no need to download its IPA and Pkg file, you can simply extract the contents of its Zip file within iTunes.

In order to install this tweak, you should first delete its icon, which is found on the Settings>Sections menu.
Then, you need to restart your device and tap on the red icon located on the left, which should show the installation screen, as shown in the video below.

On the installation screen, you can also choose to reset the device back to factory settings.
When all the settings have been properly applied, your device will reboot, as the tweak will use the default application icon that can be found in the /Applications folder.

Your iPhone’s custom Lock Screen (iOS 8