With the Display Cursor Tracker you can select a window or menu and set the cursor position on the screen.
Keyboard commands are also supported. You can program your own keystroke to move the cursor to any point on the screen by clicking the mouse button.
User can add a keyboard shortcut to the keymacro and define a movement speed, using your favourite german keyboard layout.
«Displays» are displayed on a smart grid to pick a window, and optionally on a list with functions.
Once a window is selected, a smart auto-adjustment of the cursor position is performed, as soon as you move your cursor.
The program features a number of configurable functions, including an «on mouse click» auto move the cursor option, an auto-adjustment window size or a precision of the grid adjustment.
With the option «Show up button» you can activate the smart auto-adjustment of the cursor position at all time, no matter you’re in the configurable functions of the program.
It also comes with a built-in hexapad, you can program the hexapad by yourself.
With the «show help» option, the program will display a help window with several functions to use the software.
Display Cursor Tracker is written in C#, using the Sharp Develop extension.

What’s New in This Release:

– 1. Added a hexapad to adjust the cursor position to the edges of the screen.- 2. Added a gui for selecting a window and an option to display a tree of windows.- 3. Added a configurable keymacro to move the cursor to a specific place on the screen (including the CTRL + ARROWS key to move it to the right, and the CTRL + DECR key to move it to the left).- 4. Added an option to select a window or a menu.- 5. Added option to move the cursor with an auto-adjustment while moving it with the mouse button or with a keymacro.- 6. Added option to hide the statusbar.- 7. Added a help window to show some features of the program.- 8. Added a keymacro to toggle the visibility of the help window (Command + F1).

If you have a lot of trouble with to use the mouse, you may also use a hotkey to move the cursor, which is configurable in the keymacro.

In the release version, several keymacros are already programmed 384a16bd22

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Checks By Phone+ is the perfect companion for anyone who uses their checkbook frequently. You can find all bank information you need at your fingertips, so that you will never have to do any re-entry when it comes to your bank details.
The program allows you to receive and send your checks by telephone, with detailed reports for each check.
Add the date, name, payee, bank account, amount, and more to your check, and you will always be aware of every move it makes.
If you ever get to the point of having to re-enter your bank information, you will not have to do it ever again!
You can also make your checks in a variety of layouts and formats, and print them directly from your computer.
Print a check at the payer, bank, or payee’s chosen location, using as many pages as you want, for a price that’s more affordable than you’d think.
Prepare all of your checks at once, with the option of saving them to your computer.
Choose the check size and paper type you need, and you will always be able to print your checks in your preferred format.
You can even print multiple checks at once, allowing you to print as many checks as you need.
Receive your checks as soon as you need them, and never need to worry about delays.
Use the pre-defined templates for your checks, and enjoy the added comfort of knowing your checks will be exactly the way you want them.


Checks By Phone+ is easy to use, and makes doing your checks much easier than ever before.
Receive the most recent updates for your checkbook with our software, and never have to worry about the newest changes in bank rules.
You can never forget where your checkbook is again, thanks to the integrated reminder feature.
Stop worrying about losing your checks! The application’s password feature will prevent any unwanted access.
You can now do all of your checks at once, and print them out using as many pages as you want.
Never worry about delays again, as you can print your checks as soon as you need them.
Any need for the physical copy of your check will be eliminated, and your checks will be ready to go.
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