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– Allows creating your own macro key sequence;
– Modifies some System options;
– Convert BMP image into ASCII;
– Convert ASCII into BMP image;
– Manages a GIF file;
– Manages a BMP file;
– Selects the file according to the user input;
– Extract frames from animated GIF.
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Javascript Request – Where should I put the code?

Here is what I am trying to achieve,
I have a textarea field where the user enters a string of text. It is a 10 character max string.
Once the string is entered, I want to make a GET request to the server.
The server then has to parse the incoming request and it will return a number, it will be a number less than 10, and it can be 0.
If the number is 0, I want to convert that string into a floating point number.
If the number is greater than 0, I want to convert that string into a string.
So for example:
string = «The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.»

The converted number is:
number = 0.2392

If the number is greater than 0:
string = 0.2392

Here is the code I have so far:

function getNumber() {
var a = document.getElementById(«input»).value;

$.get(‘/some/url’, {
a: a
}, function(data) {

if (data > 0) {
var n = data * 1.8;

// Convert string to number
document.getElementById(‘num’).innerHTML = n;

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